• Colleen O'Sullivan

Ask Me Anything

I love questions.

One of the greatest compliments I ever received was when my Husband told me that he thought the weirdest thing about me is how much I love to learn, and to learn you have to be curious (for the record I certainly don’t believe it was the curiosity that killed the cat.) To cut a long story short… I ask an awful lot of questions.

So when it comes to my wedding photography clients I welcome questions, in fact I encourage them, it helps me better understand what my clients want and it helps my clients better understand how I work.

That’s why I thought I’d dedicate my second blog post to some of the questions that I’ve been seeing a lot recently. This is solely questions from my Wedding Photography clients – I might dedicate a post later on down the line for questions from my portrait photography clients but we’ll start with weddings for now. After reading this I hope you’ll be inspired to get in touch and ask me some questions of your own.

So without any further delay here are my wedding photography frequently asked questions.

You say your style is candid, does that mean you won’t do group shots?

Of course I do group shots!! These are a standard at every wedding, and why not!? How often do you have all the people that you love in one place at the same time? I may not always use them to advertise but that’s simply because I prefer the more intimate photographs and that tends to be what I want to present to the world. Having said that I am very confident in posing (and yes, sometimes bossing around) large groups of people to make sure your group shots are beautiful.

Can we include our dog(s) in the pictures?

Yes Yes and Yes again. I love dogs. They make everything better. That goes for Cats, Micro Pigs, pet Llamas, Iguanas and any other animal you can think of (although if you're planning on bringing a snake please give me some notice so I can psych myself up.)

Teacup yorkie in front of a christmas tree
One of our fur-babies enjoying the Christmas period.

How long should I leave for photographs after the ceremony?

That entirely depends on how many group shots you want. I normally say leave 30 mins minimum for the photos of just the 2 of you. So if you only want a couple of group shots I’d say leave 45 mins – 15 for the groups and 30 for the 2 of you. Whereas if you want lots of group shots I’d say leave at least an hour (30 for groups and 30 for the couple shots) It may not take that long (depending on how well behaved your wedding guests are) but it’s always best to overestimate.

Why should I have an engagement shoot/ Pre-wedding shoot?

In short, because it helps us get the best out of your wedding day photos. The longer version is that it lets us get to know each other a bit so there’s not just some stranger showing up on the most important day of your life. It gets you more comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll also get a feel for the poses you like so we can go straight to them when it comes to your wedding day couple portraits. Not to mention you have some fantastic photos to use on your wedding stationary (I’m thinking save the dates, maybe a guestbook.)

Couple in a forest
Engagement shoots are a great opportunity for us to get to know eachother

What’s your editing process like?

I start by going through all the photos and pulling out the ones that don’t quite cut it. So any duplicates, any group shots with somebodies eyes closed, anything I don’t think you’ll love. Then I go through and make any minor corrections like white balance, or any cropping that needs doing. Then I make a third pass through and do some creative bits, nothing major, just to make it pop a bit. And a final run through (or two … or three…) to make sure I’m happy with everything.

Will you send me the Raw files?

When you hire me (or any other photographer for that matter) you get the whole package. That means you’re getting our composition, our creativity, and our editing style. You’re picking us because you trust our judgement and ultimately because you think that we will be the best person to capture your day and convey the atmosphere into photos that you will treasure for the rest of your lives. So no, I will not send you the raw files, what I will send you is a beautiful set of photos that represent your day and the very best of my work – The finished product.

Where do you cover?

For weddings I cover the whole of the UK but I may need to charge travel costs for anything more than 2 hours drive away from Leeds.

How do we book you?

Have a look at my portfolio and get in touch, we’ll have a chat about your wedding. We can meet for a coffee if you’re close by or have a chat over the phone if you like. Then I’ll send you a contract to sign then it’s just a £50 deposit and you’re booked!