• Colleen O'Sullivan

Adventures in Toy Land

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t you should! @colleenosullivanphotography), you’ll no doubt have seen a certain Disney couple getting hitched. If you’re wondering what on earth an otherwise perfectly respectable 27 year old is doing holding a wedding for toys, I wouldn’t blame you. However, I would suggest that you quickly break out some teddy’s and write some vows because it’s so much fun, and as it turns out a great way to practice some new photography techniques that I can pull out of my pocket at all the beautiful weddings happening when lock-down ends.

As you’ll see it was a very intimate ceremony (#socialdistancing) the backdrop was a beautifully made 'Welcome to my wedding' sign we bought but never used (until now) with fairy lights sellotaped to it, and of course the wedding was officiated by their floppy eared, pumpkin nosed, best friend. If you’re worried that this will be the last wedding from self-isolation, then fear not! I have plenty more fabulous, plastic couples to practice my skills on, as well as a crystal ball (shout-out to my wonderful husband for surprising me with this one) which will make for some interesting images. So stay tuned, and follow me on Instagram for more adventures from Toy Land.